Car Trouble is the seventh episode of the first season.


Lisa finally gets a car, but nobody expects it, with its worn-down frame and now rusty paint job it takes up half of the garage. When Lisa and Ray leave in Lisa's new car, Tamera finds Ray's keys and decides to try out her driving skills, but damages the car by hitting a trash can and traps Tia into promising not to tell. To make matters worse, Roger saw what happened and threatens to tell Ray if the twins don't agree to be his girlfriends for a week. To add insult to injury, when Ray notices the scratch he blames Lisa.

It's only the start of the week of Roger's blackmail, and sure enough, from a school yearbook photo to ensuring one or more students seeing him get kissed by the twins in the hallway, the twins decided enough was enough; real friends never turn on or take advantage of each other. Meanwhile, Lisa persuades Ray to help her bake 80 loaves of cornbread for a fundraising event, but is having trouble with the recipe due to her ongoing argument with him. According to the repair shop's estimates, it's going to be $800 to buff out the scratch on the BMW. Tia tries to tell the truth but Tamera still wants her to keep it a secret. Tia, Roger and Tamera all keep trying to tell Ray they did it until Ray and Lisa finally conclude Tamera is the culprit. The twins each have their fair share of being reprimanded and Ray apologizes to Lisa. Despite their decision to ground the girls, they were quite impressed on how they stuck up for each other. Ray also gives Lisa her own gas can, so she'll never run out of gas.

During the credits, Tamera apologizes to Tia for dragging her into the whole thing. They may have gotten off easy, but as punishment, they have a number of chores to do: clean the garage, trim the hedges, wash and wax both Ray's BMW and Lisa's Cadillac, hose out all the garbage cans and do Lisa's job of making the 80 loaves of cornbread. Roger comes over to apologize to the twins for taking advantage of them; he couldn't resist. The twins forgive him and they can still be friends. As soon as Roger brings out the keys to his dad's van, the twins refuse and had this to say to him: "Forget it, you baggy-pants-wearing, never-going-to-get-a-woman pervert!" When Roger accidentally sits on the bumper of Lisa's car, he accidentally sets off the alarm and runs away.