Clark is the manager of 'Book em Joe' and Tia's boss following the episode 'Working Girl' until she starts college


Clark is a generally sarcastic and over the top towards both staff and customers. He demands that his staff greet customers with the line "Welcome to Book em Joe can I interest you in a delicious smoothie".

Known Misogyny:Edit

Whilst he is generally pleasant to Tia and the other female staff, Clark's negative attitude towards women is revealed when Tia picks up her colleague Marshall's pay check by mistake and notices that despite starting at the same time, Clark is paying Marshall more than Tia because he is a man.

Not wanting to cause any trouble and risk losing her job, Tia decides to do nothing. Not willing to stand by and see Tia treated unfairly, Tamera puts on Tia's uniform and goes to Book em Joe to challenge Clark only to make the situation much worse by gettting Tia fired. Tia later goes to the shop herself and stands up to Clark stating that what is doing is both illegal and unethical. Fearing retribution from his customers who listen to Tia and take her side, Clark gives Tia her job back (although she never knew she had been fired) and agrees to pay the female staff the same wage as the male.


  • Clark is played by New York born actor Christopher Reid, formerly known as Kid of the hip-hop duo Kid n' Play.
  • Reid also starred as musician Chilli T in the Season 4 Episode 'Kid Napped'