Jimmy "Soupy" Campbell (Sherman Hemsley) is Ray's father.


He states in that episode that he got the nickname "Soupy" not because his surname is Campbell (which would be a play on the Campbell's soup brand), but because of the tight situations he gets himself into, claiming "[he is] always in hot water".



Ray did not have a good relationship with his father initially, and often disapproved of his decisions, but they started to have somewhat of an understanding by the end of his first appearance on the show.


Jimmy fell in love with Lisa. Though she didnt feel the same way she was giving pity dates because he was short and was in a sad place.


Tamera idolizes Jimmy. Jimmy and Tamera pulled the scam in Summer Bummer, when she and Tia switched places, so Ray wouldn't find out. In his final appearance Soupy acts as "the fairy godfather" to Tamera's Cinderella as she couldn't go to Jordan's graduation party.

Tia Edit

At first they had a rocky start. Tia kicked him because she didntt know him and he was coming up to hug her (he thought she was Tamera). After a while they were closer, Jimmy helped her with her project and Tia payed off half his gambling debt (well $498 they let her slide for the doos). They both temporarily worked in the mall together.


Trivia Edit

  • He believes in Monopoly you shouldn't get dazzled by boardwalk. You should take the light blue properties.