Kid in Play is the thirteenth episode of the second season.


Tia's offered the lead in the school play- but only after Tamera forfeits the part by being late for a rehearsal.


Tia Mowry as Tia Landry

Tamera Mowry as Tamera Campbell

Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry

Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

Marques Houston as Roger Evans


  • The school play, Miss Thang, is a composition of Pretty Woman, Lady Saigon, and My Fair Lady.
  • My Fair Lady: The play Miss Thang was supposed to be a combination of My Fair Lady and West Side Story. Mr. Wiggins is a parody of Profesor Higgins in My Fair Lady.
  • The Title: Kid in Play

This title is a spin on the rap duo, Kid n' Play.


  • When the guy says in the actual play I could use a drink you can see that there is no glass of water there. But when the shot changes a glass is there.
  • Goof: Ray tells Tamera that "to be or not to be" is only one line, but in Hamlet "to be or not to be" is part of a whole monologue, not just one line.