'Put to the Test' is the 12 Epsiode of Season 2 of Sister Sister. The twins sit their SATs. When the scores are published Tamera to everyone's suprise receives a very high score whilst Tia gets a very average one.


Everyone in the twins year is stressing about the upcoming SAT tests. Tia approaches the test in a studious manner whilst Tamera puts very little serious effort into preparing; she even forgets her pencil on test day.

A few weeks later the twins get their scores in the mail. Despite all her hard work Tia scores only 1080 out of 1600  whilst Tamera to everyones suprise given how little work she did scores 1510 which is in the 94th percentile.

Having planned on applying to Harvard after graduation, Tia's life crumbles around her and her confidence falls to the point where she starts getting Cs on tests. Tamera on the other hand, has a confidence burst and starts doing well on tests, scoring an A on a maths exam.

Lisa meanwhile visits a boutique run by the pretentious Marje (played by Ru Paul) with the hope that she will agree to sell some of Lisa's dresses. The meeting is a disaster and Marje brutally rebuffs Lisa's work.

Feeling that their lives are crumbling around them, Lisa and Tia are at the point of despair. Ray on the other hand is over the moon with Tamera's new attitude. Everything changes when the school phones to say that the computer mixed up Tia and Tamera's test scores. Lisa and Tia are overjoyed and Tia's confidence is restored. Both Tamera and Ray on the other hand take the news badly. Ray consoles Tamera by saying that the test showed her that by thinking she was smart she had the confidence to do well. Tamera later retakes the SAT and does better. However forgets her pencil again.

At the end of the episode, Lisa returns to Marje's shop to give her a piece of her mind. This time however Marjoe loves Lisa's work and all is forgotten.


  • As a senior Tamera scored 1120 on her SATs