Racelle Gavin is Tia and Tamera's biological mother.

Relationship Edit

Matt Edit

Racelle and Matt met when he was assigned to do a photo essay on her murals. They instantly fell in love. They were living together within weeks of meeting each other. They planned to get married. However they got seperated when News Week asked Matt to do an assignment of a lifetime in Tel Aviv. Racelle was commissioned to paint a mural in Florida. She stated they would meet up again later, but omitted the fact that she was pregnant. They wrote every day for a while until she passed away.

Death Edit

It was revealed by Matt that Racelle had passed away due to complications in childbirth.

Trivia Edit

  • Of all of Tia and Tamera's parents, Racelle is the only one to only be seen in a picture. Ray, Lisa, Matt, and Victor (step-father) have made multiple appearances and Ellen was seen in Guardian Angel.
  • Racelle is also one of two mothers that Tamera has lost. The other being Ellen her adoptive mother.