Rocket Burger is Tia and Tamera's first actual job (besides Ray's limo).

Besides being their workplace, Tia and Tamera frequently socialize at Rocket Burger, though only in earlier seasons.


  • Tamera Campbell
  • Tia Landry
  • Steve Peiser
  • Denise
  • Roger Evans
  • Mr Woodman (Manager)
  • Mr 'Pops' Spooner (deceased assistant manager)
  • Mike
  • Pete

Known Items on the Menu:Edit

  • Big Bang Burger and Jupiter sized Fries
  • Neptuna Melt
  • Saturn Onion Rings
  • Astro Apple Pie
  • Luna Lunch (Cod, Onion, Avacado and Bacon)
  • Chicken Fingers


  • Rocket Burger has both a ball pool and outdoor play area.
  • Tia, Tamera, and Roger, have all served, as assistant manager, at Rocket Burger. Mr Woodman gave Tia the position, following the death of Pops. She proves to be a competent assistant manager, but is fired by Woodman, after she takes the fall for Tamera, who locked up, and forget to close the freezer, ruining all the 'meat like patties'. Tamera is given the job, after, though is unpopular, as she does not help or pull her weight. She quits, after hearing that Tia took the fall for her. Roger was subsequently given the job.
  • Mangerial staff at Rocket Burger wear gold shirts, Pops even requested to be buried in his following his death.