Tahj Mowry is the real-life little brother of Tia and Tamara Mowry. He played several roles on Sister Sister.

Appearance Edit

Get a JobEdit

In this episode he played Tia's little cousin Tahj. Tahj was visiting and turned out to do chores for Tia, Tamera and Lisa. CuzTahj

Christmas Edit


In this episode Tahj played a little boy named Sammy who went to the mall to see Santa multiple times. The first time he sees Santa get arrested. Later on he is seen asking Santa (who is really Jimmy Campbell) for a monopoly. He is later seen in line again waiting impatiently because he has a bed time.

Child's Play Edit

This episode was a cross over between Sister Sister and Smart Guys. Tahj played boy-genius T.J Henderson who is a weekend SAT tutor that helped Tia, Tamera, Diavian and Dot on their SATs. T.J Henderson starts to help with their SATs with little luck on Tia. Once he realizes she's overly stressed he tricks the girls into thinking he was deprived a childhood so they could do fun things and relax. This also failed until T.J cons them into taking him to Bucky Duck.

Trivia Edit

  • The connection between the three characters having the same actor was never mentioned.
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