Tamera is highly impulsive and seems to care less about her intellects. She is just as smart as her sister, but doesn't apply herself. She can get a bit "boy-crazy", but she cares about her friends and her family.


Ray CampbellEdit

Ray is Tamera's adoptive father. Tamera and Ray are completely different. Tamera loves loud music, unsafe and crazy things and Ray is a safe, opera music type of guy. However within their difference they still have a great strong relationship. She is shown to be very protective of her father, as shown when he is dating Vivica and Beverly.

Tia LandryEdit

Tamera and Tia are different in so many ways but they compliment each other. Tia also does her homework and voiced her penchant for the Hush Puppies shoe brand on several occasions.

Jordan Bennet  Edit

Jordan is Tamera's boyfriend and they have been together ever since the fifth season and though they may fight time to time they still love each other. He was the one to convince Tamera to try to apply to Michigan, instead of going to junior college, despite having only 1120 on her SAT scores.


  • Unlike Tia, Tamera was originally adopted into a two parent family, however her adoptive mother Ellen died shortly after she and Ray adopted Tamera.
  • Has Tia do her homework in high school.
  • Tamera has more in common with Lisa.
  • Tamera never liked Ray's girlfriend Vivica.
  • She was on the newspaper, softball team, a cheerleader and a frontier girl.
  • She is an excellent singer.
  • Whilst she identifies herself as 'the dumb twin', Tamera has shown to be intelligent when she applies herself and feels confident in her own ability. For example in the episode 'Put to the Test' Tia and Tamera get their SAT scores mixed up with Tamera scoring 1510/1600 and Tia scoring only 1080. Before the switch is revealed Tamera goes through a phase when she is achieving As in tests and is confident in her ability. sadly once the switch is revealed she goes back to her old ways.
  • Tamera got a 1080 on her SATs but when she took them again she got an 1120.
  • She is a big fan of Coolio. As evidenced in Paper or Plastic? she threatens to quit her job as a scab worker at Food Boy when the store's manager Terrence denies her the night off on the night of a Coolio concert when she got tickets, and in the season four episode "Slime Party", in which Tamera answers all of the questions in a category on Coolio with ease while appearing on a teen-oriented game show.