She was born November 28, 1979. Tia is usually honest, responsible, and mature. Tia is a straight-A student. She can lose her honest and responsible credit when she is around boys or scheming. The most noteworthy examples include Tia getting a joint tattoo with her then boyfriend Michael (The Tattoo), swapping places with Tamera at Summer School so that she could get closer to her crush Nick and leaving the house without permission to go on a date with Tyreke, after Lisa forbade her to go upon learning that he had just been released from prison.


Tamera Campbell Edit

Tia and her twin Tamera get along alright. They both watch the Twilight Zone and had hamsters named McHamster that died. Though at times Tamera feels under-appreciated compared to Tia, they still have a nice relationship.

Tyreke ScottEdit

Tyreke was Ray's mechanic and he and Tia met at her job at Book Em' Joe. Actually he in a way got her the job. After awhile they finally go out. They are still going out when they go to Michigan University where Tyreke works as a police escort. Not long after they break up quickly realizing it was a mistake. However they don't get back together until a FreakNik concert where Tyreke tells Tia that he loves her.

Ray CampbellEdit

Ray and Tia have a lot in common. Most of which is academic. They also have the same amount of letters in their names.


  • She was accepted to North Western, Howard University, Rice University, Michigan University and another colleges
  • She is a talented painter and plays piano well.
  • Tia has been fired 4 times:
    • At 'Rocket Burger' after taking the fall for Tamera who left the freezer door open after locking up.
    • A counselor at a summer camp where Tia and Tamera switched places and Tamera got the camp lost.
    • She is a waitress at a 50s diner.
    • A Book Em Joe assistant where Tamera was impersonating Tia. She was later 're-hired' without  ever knowing she had been dismissed.