The University of Michigan is where Tia and Tamera attend college after they graduate from High School. Tia had originally planned to attend Harvard, however after getting rejected she choose Michigan over 5 other colleges she had been accepted into as she wanted to be around Tamera having only known her for a few years.

Like Tia, Tameria had not originally planned to attend Michigan, planning to go to junior college after graduating. However following prompting from Jordan, Tamera applies and is accepted to Michigan.

Known Students:Edit

Tia Landry

Tamera Campbell

Jordan Bennett (Journalism Major)


Simone; senior student who purposely failed chemistry in order to remain in college.

Jamal; rebellious yet naive student in Tia's calculous class (The Grass is always finer)

Chud McGraf

Known StaffEdit

  • Keith, Calculus Teaching Assistant (played by singer Brian McKnight)
  • Professor Braxton, Chemistry Professor
  • Tyreke Scott, Campus Security


  • The University of Michigan is a real university, however it's portrayal on Sister Sister is entirely fictional
  • Tamerai is on academic probation at one point